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Hartmann Usa Conco Latex-Free Conforming Stretch Bandage 4 Inch Width, 4.1 yd Length, 8 Bags/Case - Case Price Aso Careband Sheer Adhesive Strip Bandages, 24 Boxes/Case Dukal Retention Tape 4 Inch X 11 Yd, 1 Rl/Bx, 6 Boxes/Case - Case Price
Conco Latex-Free Conforming Stretch Bandage, Sterile, 4 Inch Width, 4.1 Yards Length, Secures dressings in place with minimal risk of slipping or constriction. Not made with natural rubber latex. Clings to itself when overlapped. Conforms to body contours. Finished edges minimize lint and unraveling. Clings to itself when overlapped. Conforms to body contours. Finished edges minimize lint and unraveling.

This product is excellent as a secondary dressing. It features a uniform weave out of soft polyester fabric. This design aids in providing patient comfort and allows the bandage to adhere to itself. Many individuals who have used elastic bandages have experienced the issue of losing the pins or clips rendering their bandage less convenient. Not the case with the Conco Elastic Bandage since there are no pins or clips to lose. This dressing conforms to difficult to dress body contours making it perfect for a number of applications.

Conco Stretch Bandage provides exceptional comfort. This comfort is achieved through the finished edges of this dressing. This design provides patient comfort and holds dressings securely in place without slipping. This design has an additional benefit of it's durability and consistent stretch for even pressure. Delivers quick and easy application for a number of light compression dressing needs.
Products consist of plastic, sheer, and fabric material- All bandages have a long lasting adhesive- The stick free pads island design seals out contaminants while also cushioning and protecting the wound- All bandages contour well to the body, helping the user stay comfortable while also staying safe-Features.

Aso Careband Sheer Adhesive Strip Bandages. Made With Translucent Tape To Blend Evenly With A Variety Of Skin Tones.
Dukal Retention Tape. An Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric Tape That Is Highly Conformable.
Integra Lifesciences Dusoft Non Woven Sponges - 3000 Sponges/Case 3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Roll  4 Inch  x 11 yd. Size - 4 Rolls/Case
  • Ideal for wound cleansing and as secondary dressings for added absorbency.
  • They produce less lint and are less adherent than woven gauze sponges, so cause less disruption to newly formed granulation tissue.
  • The rayon/polyester blend provides fast wicking properties while being highly absorbent, minimizing skin maceration.
  • Latex free.
3M Tegaderm Roll Dressings are indicating for securing primary wound dressings, IVs, drainage and infusion tubes, and catheters. Tegaderm Roll also helps protect at-risk skin from friction and bodily fluids. May be used in the shower with proper adherent. Tegaderm Roll is transparent which allows for continuous observation of the site. It conforms to body contours and is flexible. It can be cut to any shape and size. Latex Free. Non-Sterile.