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Quality dental cleaning tools are made with efficiency in mind. They are designed so with carefully considered angles and sizes so that all nooks of the mouth can be accessed. However, not many dental cleaning tools are designed with such consideration put into the handle. Even some of the best dental cleaning tools have standard, rigid handles that make it difficult for the dentist to hold them properly or comfortably for long periods of time.

Since dental cleaning tools are by far the most frequently-used instruments in the practice, using tools with rigid handles can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome over time. Metal handle designs also are more difficult to grip and can become slippery when wet, thus increasing the risk of accident due to a slip.

The brand Osung from the dental association of Korea is becoming very popular amongst dentist professionals because of their line of silicone handled dental cleaning tools. The handles are all ergonomically designed out of pressure-sensitive silicon. Because the silicone handles are pressure sensitive, it takes less force to vary pressure while using dental cleaning tools. This truly saves a lot of strain on the fingers and wrist. Because dentists all live by their hands, this is a critical feature for any dental tool.

Another added benefit of having silicone handled dental cleaning tools is that they come in various colors. This makes finding the right tool much faster. The actual dental tools themselves are of a very high quality. They are made from BioDur steel made in the United States. The durable tools are made to last a long time. Osung is confident in their products and even offers a complete satisfaction guarantee.

It seems strange that it has taken this long for ergonomically designed dental tools to become available, especially at the low prices of Osung products. Even pencils and other incredibly basic hand-held tools now come with different types of soft grips designed to make use more comfortable and decrease the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The main problem with applying an ergonomic design to the handles of dental cleaning tools has been with cleaning. Most of the soft, cushiony materials which make for a comfortable grip are not sterilizable. The silicone handles are completely safe to put in an autoclave and actually handle steam sterilization better than most stainless steel.

Osung is incredibly cheap when it comes to professional dental tools. Not all of the Osung instruments come with silicone handles but the price difference is usually just about one dollar. They offer a whole range of dental instruments with the ergonomic handles starting at just under eleven dollars for a dental mirror.

Dental explorers with silicone handles cost less than sixteen dollars. Probes and endodontic spreaders are about twenty dollars. Excavators are under thirty dollars and curettes also around thirty dollars. There are several places to buy Osung dental cleaning tools with silicone handles online now. A few websites such as Brite Sources offers great discounts on the products thanks to their special deal with the Osung company.